Sunday, November 11, 2007

the forum: Wag ganyan OVERDOSE....part 1 of 8

I decided to write down this here in my blog because - one it is my personal opinion and two the thread was closed "_^. My opinions can be about use of the internet or anything under the sun.

Someone post a thread at MCP forums at Citizen Patrol[thread was moved into this section daw] entitled Wag ganyan OVERDOSE....part 1 of 8. Was it true? Any intentions? Was it a personal attack or simply business? I don't know. Then If I don't know the answer why am I still writing about it. It will be waste of my time,right?. Besides it was happen a few days ago, why I can't just keep on myself. Maybe I like wasting my time. In fact, I always do what I shouldn't do. Like don't drink and forget your license, hehe. Unless someone told me something to do and telling it is worthwhile doing it.

Back to topic, upon reading the thread I noticed it was a Déjà vu. The same flame thread was already created using a another handle name. I'm not sure about the date. Another was the thread starter admitted it was posted using another handle name. Maybe It wasn't settled before outside the forums. Lastly, It tooks days before it was closed. Clearly, the initial post seems to be malicious from there it can be closed or ban the handle name. Before I forgot Overdose was a seller at MCP. Overdose was a handle name. I knew him in person but not too personal. I bought a apparels or two to him. Just to give you an idea what kind of business he's into, visit his multiply account here. On-line presence can boost your business. Not the type of business that has investment of millions. A start-up business can work over multiply account. The hobby as a seller-freelance-type of person can use a multiply account to display their products and services.

Then to topic again, I believe that thread have an intentions. Maybe to put down the seller or the products or get a sympathy sales? It was hard to tell who's the culprit because I don't know who's on the other side. Just like on the newspapers and Televisions and even text messages and on the Internet- blogs and in this case,forums we can not simply believe what we have just read or watched. It can be a make-up story. A show, a show business. But I think that the best tool if you want to send a message to somebody was thru music. Hmm...Ask Carlos Agassi. Having a lawsuit against a music album? It was long time ago when occured but still the album was heavy. He took it to heart. If he want to fight back he could make his own music and grab the mic and throw every letters of your song to Krazykyle. Dont chose a lawsuit. And if you want International artists you can look way back '96 the legendary Notorius BIG versus Tupac Shakur. But if it is a show business ask the new DTC and the Rapskallion. Knowing the products of the seller it was more of his works. Just like any product ready in the market it can not be flawless. But the seller was very into his costumers, he just don't sell he consult his buyer. I'm not cheering for him because I found some of his products are not cheap. In that case I find alternative seller. But being expensive on his other products are understandable. His products are his own projects. Doing a projects are not cheap. Remember the school days "mommy pahingi ng pera para sa project". Labor and material$ are not cheap today.

Now I'm done.