Saturday, September 27, 2008

LTO-AO-AHS-2008-015: Administrative Order

"ang daming bawal sa mundo, sinasakal nila tayo" - 3ras3rh3ads

This is an awareness post. A copy of LTO-AO-AHS-2008-015 was released which not different from the Republic act, besides the hunting of modified parts.. Then there's still a debate. What else do they need?

As usual, motorcycle owners like me would be affected. Especially, those with smaller displacement bike which is being modified frequently. On the manufacturer's side modification is critical to them. They do not want to see their design being modified into another design that would make look another bike, a look which is not different to their competitors product. Headlight, tail lights, side mirror, handle bar, rim and spinnin and spinnin etc etc. I believe that is EGO in management. If the government are serious about the modified parts go after the seller not us.

In any law or rules that need to be implemented. All must obey it. Especially those who are pursuing it. If there's anybody from the "law-makers" can not comply, that is acting above the law, then there must be a powerplay. ;)

If I may add, bike owners would put every modified parts that will enhance the bike performance and looks. Spending up to the last peso in their pocket just to satisfy them! Where will you see a bike that is running in a road with the stereo on, with the tune of Hypnotized, but nobody can hear it? :D