Friday, July 31, 2009

to whom She owes Her democracy

Former Philippines president Aquino dead at 76

MANILA, Philippines – Former President Corazon Aquino, who swept away a dictator with a "people power" revolt and then sustained democracy by fighting off seven coup attempts in six years, died on Saturday, her son said. She was 76.

If she doesn't became a President, nobody ride - peacefully.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Philippine Basketball League Player died in Motorcycle Accident

Original news here

Translated via Online Translator:

Batangas, Philippines - Early over the career of a 23-years as player of the Philippine Basketball League (PBL) makaraang perish in motorcycle crash that also ikinasugat colleagues yesterday it an easy day in Lipa City, Batangas. Identified by P / Supt. Francisco Rodriguez, Lipa City police chief, the casualty that Jason Nocom of Nueve de Pebrero, Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila former player of the JRU, NCAA and currently playing in Oracel basketball team.

In the initial investigation by police, nakaangkas sinasabing si Nocom in Honda Wave motorcycle (Wo-3318) that minamaneho a friend Jeffrey Engelbert Suguitan, 23 and hope to the Lipa City from Barangay High Wood of the accidents occur bandang alas-12: 15 easy-to-day. With deposition of witnesses , binabagtas victims of the national highway that covered the region 4, Brgy. Reed lose control of the steering wheel si Suguitan to hit the tree head.

Dead-on-the-spot si Nocom win after injury to his head and body while wounded naman si Suguitan and naisugod in Mediatriz Mary Hospital. According to authorities, without wearing a helmet that victims of the tragedy occur. Arnell Ozaeta

Friday, July 24, 2009

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Lebron James dunked on

The actual footage where Lebron James got dunked on. The original tape were allegedly confiscated by a nike representative.

Lebron who? King who?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Pacquiao vs Cotto, Lets get it on

Manny Pacquiao and Miquel Cotto will be at each other on November 14 at MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas for the 145-pound bout

“The significance of this fight is if you know the body of work of these two fighters,” Arum said. “When these guys get into the ring, there will be a confrontation. People who watch know they’ll be entertained. This will sort of be an edge-of-your-seat kind of a fight. It’s an all-action, all-out battle where guys are going to demonstrate toughness, courage and resilience.

“It’s definitely not going to be a boxing exhibition where two guys are running circles around each other. There are some fights that should properly be called boxing matches, but this is one where it’s totally accurate to call it a fight.”

Go Manny!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Shaq vs Brock

Excerpt from Sports Radio Interview

On other athletes training n MMA:

“Shaq texts and twitters me all the time saying he wants to fight Brock Lesnar. He’s been training for ten years; Shaq’s probably the only dude in the NBA that can actually fight… I told Shaq, I said listen, ‘Win another NBA championship this year and then we’ll talk next year.’ I love Shaq, let me tell ya, when things were rough on us and we were getting this company started, I couldn’t tell ya who was a better friend than Shaquille O’Neal. I couldn’t say enough good things about him.”

Shaq can dunk. Shaq can block. Shaq can pass. Shaq can dribble. Shaq is Shaqoutation. and Shaq can fight.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Shaq is Viral

Shaq's video of Bellie Jean

Michael Jackson -Tribute By Shaquille O'Neal

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Motorcycle Tutorial

A tutorial on how to lift a big bike.

Krysti shows all the ladies how to lift a bike that has fallen over.

Fastest Tricycle

I found this old youtube clip that featured the T-REX model of tricycle.

Tiff takes T-Rex, the fastest 3-wheeler in the world, for a spin.

Enjoy again.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Monetize your site.

I'm thinking How to monetize blog recently. I will put some extra serious effort here on my selected blog.

Since I'm rooting for Boston Celtics in the Nba. I applied it here in my blog what they did, only the obvious part, but not literally. It's year of 1998 when the celtics drafted Paul Pierce out of Kansas. It was a signed to revive the lost dynasty in NBA. Since the departure of the Original Trio Parish-Bird-McHale Boston never been into the Finals and never won a Championship. So when Paul Pierce came, everybody says he will bring the glory days of the Celtics. But it was on his sophomore year when he earned his starting position(please correct me on this,if wrong). The following and the succeeding years, Boston became a NBA contender. Making it to the playoffs, past the first round, past second round, and one stunning performance a classic 4th quarter came from behind win against New Jersey. After that Boston showed a lackluster team. It seems Pierce was not good to be a franchise player or the players that Boston built around him do not fit with him. Rumored was circulated that Pierce wanted to be traded or Boston wanted to trade him. Either way it was only rumored. Why? In 2008, Boston became serious to regain the throne as the NBA champ. They acquired Kevin Garnett from Minnesota Timberwolves and Ray Allen from Seattle where they became 2008 NBA Champion.

This is where my blog goes in. I drafted a blog then select a site monetization type. Build around google adsense on the site. Then read thru forums how to monetize your site picked those you can really do. Installed sitemeter to monitor the track, if the number is going up the method is working. Basically, I chosen two techniques. One for site promotion, then one for gaining links and visitors from other site. Both risky, because I wasn't sure of the links coming from. Anyway this monitizing effort method from me is a trial and error, just like building around Pierce where you put pieces into a championship material then remove if it does not fit and replace a new one, and base on the articles I've read it can last up to 1 month in my NBA Example it took them years-but its sweeter.

If something good pop up in my adsense account, I'll tell what method did I use.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

No hands

As the video title suggests, here's a demo on how text when in motorcycle.

Pedestrian hit by Motorcyle

This blog is up and riding again.

From GMA News TV

Saw this video while viewing thread in mcp forums. Riders should stop, look and learn to slow down. This video shows one reason why riders coined for as the bad boys of the road.