Tuesday, April 29, 2008

the 11k mileage

i wasn't able to update my blog lately. busy in work i guess or i can't collect ideas to create a concrete post. sometimes i got ideas in my head and when the i try to write it down it quickly gone. so what i did is to find anything on the bike and try to make a post out of it.

i notice my bike's mileage hits the 11k. and like what other riders say a bike that doesn't reach a place is nothing(i forgot the proper saying the one that has an impact sablayin kasi ako ). in the span of 1 1/2 years my bike hits 11k in kilometers reading and if i compare to other bike it may seem less. when i bought this bike i thought only of using it as my day to day travel from home and office. but beyond that i found myself driving and bunking wild in the twisties in Marilaque. i was able to go at Calirana, which is located inside the man-made Caliraya Lake. discover different route in province, mostly south and once going north(i will make post about my north ride). the cavite-batangas-laguna-rizal trip was definitely fun ride! and the ride buddies there were great. in this group i learn how really to drive. not just shifting gears, turn left, turn right more than that is the attitude when driving. a good attitude(bawal and mainitin). every rider needs it and every riders knew that half of our life are already six feet under, we are exposed in the danger of the road not having the right attitude makes us one-miss-we-die. to all the riders in xphils thanks sa ride - to kabobek who inspire me on bikes upgrade, arco_72(the best spearhead), mitlancer_gsr(for the points sa joke), dj_monyo(astig s4 mo), mam teth(sa company for watching the drag race)mang Vic(lupet mo magpatawa), vp_alexis(thanks sa bag), overdose1(thanks sa mga gears), geraldo_3(thanks for allowing for the first group ride), bushwacker, freewayjammer, George(sa mga pics at dslr XP) jerom1(for assistance and guidance na pabulong and "distant uncle" pala kita) and dami niyo pa. :)

on a lighter side i was able to bring it to outing and playing basketball (i wasn't able to play due to my ankle injury). again thanks to everybody for fun and basketball from MCP, marvin , coach bong, d'8, mrChris, an2ny_alcantara and CSV- DiƱo jun&nori(sayang ang aso wahaha), joel(nice coach) and dave, lezo(sa recipe), rd&jeanne(wag niyo ako ipahiya sa pagiging co-maker hehe), Tata(praktis ka pa mag-parking), at sa lahat ng nakasama ko sa Burol sa Batangas. =)

lastly my bike is my service whenever there is sse32 gatherings shouts out to genevieve, aiza, karleen, gazelle, aileen, michelle, she, mark, rc, dustin, benedict, martin, neri, arman, lester. Thank you for the every invite, hindi nyo kinakalimutan. kung puwede ko lang kayo iangkas ng sabay-sabay gagawin ko para makabawi.^_^

that sums up the 11k mileage of my z2!

Once again, for being silence in silence - to all thank you very much! ride safe y'all!! Godspeed Bro000m!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Xplorer Philippines Anniversary Ride

First, I had to admit that I'm not able to get enough, at least by the sleep in preparation for this long ride.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

PolePosition Back Protecter

Back Protecter is a gear that is important when rding out of Manila. In my previous rides last year in Marilaque during holiday and vacation on Calirana I dont have this gear maybe becasue I'm a beginner. I still don't know the importance of it. But now that I have this I use it everytime I go to long ride so if I slide(accidentally) hindi masyado masakit.



update the timestamp

FirstGear Riding Gloves

FirstGear Riding apparel with carbon Fiber knuckles. My first glove is good but this one is better and use this as alternate to scoyco glove.


Wednesday, April 9, 2008

marilaque "track"

Found this video of Marilaque on youtube. This road is popular to the motorcycle community because of the curves on the track. Curves is equal to bunking. Marilaque was part of the Rizal Province, according to the conversation that I had with riders and the "Ynarez" painted waiting shed. Nothing spectacular in this place but you can see the beauty of the Sierra Madre Mountain. They usually take breakfast at Pranjetto hills and holidays are great time to take a ride there.

For those on four wheels/using cage it can be a great ride too maraming lover's turn^^

update re-embedded the video

Sunday, April 6, 2008



After writing the big bang meme. I'm back in writing again about the my bike, ride, apparels etc. In blogging content is king as long as you write your "topic" then your in right path... in improving your adsense. Besides my google analytics graph shows keywords that drives readers into my site.

To start I bought, from a former Kawasaki Xanthus bike owner and now a scooterist 250cc!!(anu yun emails? hehe), second-hand tank bag for only one thousad with magnet. NO scratch. Used only for a few times. Tank bag made my riding easy. Wala na yung backpack na baon lang ang laman.