Monday, November 6, 2006

Hard Start

It's getting colder and colder because Christmas is near. My z200 is feeling it. After 3 days(Sat-Mon) of not using my z200(usually I used in going to work) when I try to started it today, It was not one-time start. After trying so many times, electric start to kick start, it was on again. I guess kick start was able to burn the sleeping enginge oil inside the engine. Does this happen to engine oils? But you don't want to try starting z200 by kicking. It is zero fun. Your body fats and oil will burn too. All sweat. Happy z200-ing.

So my neighbor having a hard start with his MC too. Just a simple troubleshooting, look into your spark plug then try to clean it. Your spark plug might need a little friction .

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