Sunday, May 4, 2008

xplorer philippines ride 2008

I mentioned on my previous post that I will make a post regarding my latest ride going North. - Bagac, Bataan. I was really looking for only one north loop this year then I cool down on riding.

below is map prepared by Jerom1 then I edited it and put comments

Just a quick note. The trip was to commemorate the 3dr year of existence of the motorcycle club called the Xplorer Philippines and in line with it is to elect new officials. The celebration was held at Bagac, Bataan last April 26-27 2008.

Moving along let me start with the ride. The straight ride/road was the test of the speed for the bike. It was my first time to see my bike on overrev. I trailed my "distant uncle" a.k.a sir Jerom1, cruising at 100kph if I remember it correctly. As of these trailing, both of us just left from the "crime scene" where one of our fellow buddy had his front sprocket failed. Then we need to catch up to group ahead of us, as agreed upon, so the plan won't be delayed. Anyhow, in lunchtime the group got altogether. On the twisties, I'd like to relate what Chauncey Billups said "It ain't rough, It ain't right". In twisties, I really don't know what lies ahead. Thats what make it rough. Wet Road? Road obstacles like Oil, potholes on the road, animal crossing? I don't get complacent on skill set that I develop from Marilaque rides because Bataan is a different route. Thats why it is rough. It was fun at the Mt. Samat even the road. At one point, I was in the middle of the group alone - I make sure no one will be able to see me. Then I intentionally swaying my bike leaning left and right. And that's what make it right. Then going home was another different experience - night mode without my eyeglasses. Everybody was making sure no one got out of the track. Then at 11pm I got home safely. Well, this is just me, blogging.

At the "inuman session" they mentioned about the sponsorship, I assume it must come from the Eastworld. If I'm not mistaken Eastworld is the distributor of Xplorer z200. This is my very simple take on why should the Xplorer Philippines must got an sponsorship. Our bike is their product. The simple way to understand this is Xplorer Philippines is much of a "rolling advertisement". The group go to different places. Their brand got seen on the road by many people. People if they have chance curiously ask about the bike then I/we response. In marketing the "ultimate experience/s" is/are convincing(i forgot the link). I even blog about it. Z200 was tested in terms of durability when it hit 340 kms in just one day then it will run again the next day. But again it's only me, blogging.

Me at Dambana ng Kagitingan Mt. Samat Basta driver sweet....POSER!!!hehe

pic from Bushwacker

the group at nuclear power plant

pic from mitlancer_gsr

the group at west nuk beach

Pic from sir George

More pictures at SpeXz site

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