Friday, July 17, 2009

Monetize your site.

I'm thinking How to monetize blog recently. I will put some extra serious effort here on my selected blog.

Since I'm rooting for Boston Celtics in the Nba. I applied it here in my blog what they did, only the obvious part, but not literally. It's year of 1998 when the celtics drafted Paul Pierce out of Kansas. It was a signed to revive the lost dynasty in NBA. Since the departure of the Original Trio Parish-Bird-McHale Boston never been into the Finals and never won a Championship. So when Paul Pierce came, everybody says he will bring the glory days of the Celtics. But it was on his sophomore year when he earned his starting position(please correct me on this,if wrong). The following and the succeeding years, Boston became a NBA contender. Making it to the playoffs, past the first round, past second round, and one stunning performance a classic 4th quarter came from behind win against New Jersey. After that Boston showed a lackluster team. It seems Pierce was not good to be a franchise player or the players that Boston built around him do not fit with him. Rumored was circulated that Pierce wanted to be traded or Boston wanted to trade him. Either way it was only rumored. Why? In 2008, Boston became serious to regain the throne as the NBA champ. They acquired Kevin Garnett from Minnesota Timberwolves and Ray Allen from Seattle where they became 2008 NBA Champion.

This is where my blog goes in. I drafted a blog then select a site monetization type. Build around google adsense on the site. Then read thru forums how to monetize your site picked those you can really do. Installed sitemeter to monitor the track, if the number is going up the method is working. Basically, I chosen two techniques. One for site promotion, then one for gaining links and visitors from other site. Both risky, because I wasn't sure of the links coming from. Anyway this monitizing effort method from me is a trial and error, just like building around Pierce where you put pieces into a championship material then remove if it does not fit and replace a new one, and base on the articles I've read it can last up to 1 month in my NBA Example it took them years-but its sweeter.

If something good pop up in my adsense account, I'll tell what method did I use.

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