Sunday, October 8, 2006

Backride Buddies

It is important that someone got your back because you know someone is got your back. Backriders are there to help you in your long rides, journeys, road trips when something goes wrong with the bike or on the road. So, when your motorstar fall down you are not alone. When you are being hold-up on the highway two of you are done. But I guess being a backrider are more fun. Just sit there and relax. Motorstar provides comfort and caress for their backriders. They can see more than the driver because driver concentrates on the road, atleast in a long trips - going to Sierra Madre, Tagaytay, Batangas, Quezon. Just punish them to took pictures for you. If you aren't happy with the pictures shout at them and leave them there. On the other hand which is not advisable you can easily do the snatch-and-run modus. In short, your backride is your connivance.

But I'm living in the City. A city that is crowded by people, buses, jeeps, pimp cars, tricycles, pedicabs, bikes. What I'm trying to say is, driving your motorcycle in the city with someone was difficult. They will added up on your load. You need to adjust yourself in balancing your motorstar. Unless they are pretty petite girls. You as a driver sweet lover disregard that load. Usually we can not make a 80kph in the city because of the traffic. Shifting gears from one, two, three will be frequent plus sudden and quick stops. But as long as I am the rider you all remember this, "I will not let you down".

To my fellows who took the risks of riding with me, THANK YOU for trusting me your life and watching my back.

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