Thursday, October 19, 2006

What's up with Xplorer Z200?

Today's anthem will be the effect of Z200. The aftermath and life with Z200. Well, I'm a commuter people, so I find Z200 econimical. Here's why? I spent P40-60 a day for jeepneys and tricycle - P60 if I took special trip in tricycle. With Z200 I spent P200 of gasoline for 7 days but due to continous roll back P200 lasts for almost 10 days. That's how cheap my trip with Z200. With Z200 I can go to different places with different occasions but the problem is I see only few faces. Before it takes 45 mins of travel from ParaƱaque to Makati depends on traffic level but now that I'm with Z200 I can do it dor 15 minutes. Before if somebody invited me into their celebration/party they offer me their ride but now that I've Z200 they "offering" me to give them a ride. With Z200 you can join motorcycle club such as Xplorers Phil Org. I'm planning to meet them yet I dont know when but one thing is for sure I going to them hoping to join them,as the "youngest" member, so I can blog more and join the long rides. Also I heard that they do charitable activities. But on negative side, I'm currently sidelined with buying gangsta rap/hiphop albums in my collection for 3 months!

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