Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Xplorer Z200.

Honestly, Xplorer Z200 is confusing. Though it is a catchy model name. If somebody ask me "How did you get here? I'll answered "I brought my motorstar" - that sounds and its implies that I have a motorcycle. Now if I say Xplorer, although spelling is different and same pronunciation, they might think that I have a Ford Explorer which is impossible because I don't have a million dollar job. Besides, Do I look like I owned one of those SUVs? But both of them are bulky and Z200 is below 400cc. Now if I say Z200 that sounds I have a cellphone with me and bragging about it. In fact, I googled and two brands have Z200 kikom and SE. But both their Z200 and my Z200 are handy. I hope you got a bit of idea about Xplorer Z200.

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