Friday, October 6, 2006


Last day, a motorstar - underbone collided with a Toyota car. No one was injured. I think it is a "slow mo" bump. Both drivers got confused who's going to pass the intersection. But I noticed that the car got the most damaged from the collision. The front bumper of the car was crumpled but the motorstar seems steady. The motorstar have no damage at all even if the front wheel that bumped the car are still on its shape. fine round shape. Naturally, wheels that bumped a hard object going against its way will formed an eight. Well, after the accident I drove safely at home which I do since I got my z200. And its always a trauma for every rider when they got hit or involved in accident especially if they luckily uninjured. They'll realized " how lucky i am?". Plus if. its their fault they going to pay for the damages for both of them unless they have comprehensive insurance then let the insurance company settled it for them. Godspeed.

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