Monday, October 9, 2006

Random Tips for Barckriders.

Tips from me.

1. Before you ride, tell me if its your first ride. So I'll know how fast I can go. :)

2. Be polite, Say thank you after the ride.

3. Always hold the Z200's handle that's why its there.

4. Don't talk while we are trailing the road. Its useless, I will not hear you because we are on a open-air. If you want to stop, just Tap me at back.

5. Treat me somewhere else after we reached our destination. Kiss is enough for me, if you are a hot chick.

6. If you something unusual like bebot on our trip, tap me then point a finger to it. I will give them a ride :D.

7. Please give me your share in the parking lot and gasoline (Parking fees and gasoline are not cheap). I used unleaded to my Z200.

8. If we're going to your "territory" introduce me to your peoples that we're just peoples.

9. Watch out for the hot parts, mostly the muffler.

10. Last, Don't forget to, whether it is a short ride, long ride, city drive, PRAY.

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