Thursday, October 26, 2006

Rekognize Motorstar

Haven't heard of Rekognize Radio? I guess only few knew about it. It is a "movement" to uplift or change on how the people(listeners) view the hiphop industry. So why I'm writing about it? They have similiraties? I'll try my to best relate the rekognize radio to my motorstar-anthem even though I'm not a rapper or a music artist, plus I'll make some relation to seo issues. Reminder this is not a comparison. I'm an music enthusiast not a fanatic. For me enthusiast is being able to understand what is behind, beyond and between those artists and what they wrote. Just like being a motorcycle enthusiast I'm trying to understand behind, beyond, between those machines. Besides, I like fast and unheard(lyrics and artist) just like my motorstar. A fanatic is a biter in music and can-read-the-brochure feeling tough guy in riding. The problems happens when my brother told me that the mechanic at the corner told him "China bike bad choice eh!". See, he's got an attitude. Then one day, someone approaches me asking "Why not second-hand japan bike?". Now, they got problem seeing me riding my Z200? Does this mean they know each one of the motorcycles in the market. Or just heard from others that china bike are not a good choice. I see, they're biting now and claiming they so good about bike just like the amir of rap feeling his own music and seoluv. Im not against with these people. Its just that they played the game ain't right. Since when that the hardwork of others was enough for this people? It's an upset for the hardworking people behind those quality records on the record stand when someone declared "I'm Amir of Rap". It doesn't help the hardworking people behind seo community when someone do fanatical posts in this site. It doesn't feel good for the hardworkong z200 xplorer owner when you tellthat china bike is not a good bike. I'm not a rapper, not a seo master, and not a mechanic or racer but I know how to appreciate.

God Bless and Respect. Better start rekognize!

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